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❤️‍🩹Heart Journey

Mrs. Vasoula's journey began with an urgent referral to our care following an echographic examination that revealed a large myxoma, which is an exceptionally uncommon primary cardiac tumor. Typically, patients diagnosed with cardiac tumors present nonspecific symptoms, which can vary based on the tumor's location and infiltration. Urgent surgical intervention is recommended for all cardiac tumors, whether malignant or benign, due to the elevated risk of secondary complications. Consequently, even though Mrs. Vasoula did not report any specific symptoms, there was a clear indication for an urgent removal of the myxoma.

The indicated therapy for Mrs. Vasoula was a myxoma removal performed in a minimally invasive technique, a unique approach exclusively performed in our center. Notably, Mrs. Vasoula was the second patient to undergo this specialized procedure at our center for the same condition. Opting for a minimally invasive procedure provided several advantages for Mrs. Vasoula, including a quicker recovery time, shorter hospital stay, and reduced postoperative discomfort.

Mrs. Vasoula showed remarkable recovery, starting mobilization and physiotherapy on the first postoperative day. She demonstrated progressive improvement on a daily basis and she was ready for discharge just six days post-surgery.

This picture captures Mrs. Vasoulla’s first post-operative appointment, just two weeks after her surgery. It was a moment of genuine astonishment for our medical team as we witnessed her speedy and remarkable recovery. Mrs. Vasoulla not only looked amazing but also exhibited a remarkable vitality and positive outlook. It's a heartwarming reminder of the incredible progress that can be achieved when determination meets advanced healthcare.

Best wishes to you, Mrs. Vasoula, from the entire team. Take extra good care of yourself and keep up the positive thoughts. Your strength and determination are genuinely inspiring!

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