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Meet Chara and Rafaella, two amazing twin sisters whose hearts beat as one, facing challenges together. Both were diagnosed with severe mitral valve regurgitation, and their journey through Barlow's Mitral Valve Disease brought them to our center.

The twins were born into a family with heart struggles. The tragic sudden cardiac death of their younger sister at the tender age of 13 was a turning point. A comprehensive cardiological examination of the twins revealed not just mitral valve prolapse but also potential connective tissue disorder (Loeys-Dietz syndrome). The gravity of their situation became apparent - both sisters faced the same serious condition.

Chara and Rafaella underwent a minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery, through a right lateral mini-thoracotomy, three months apart. Following their surgical procedure, Chara and Rafaella were carefully monitored in our Heart ICU for a few days before transferring to a standard hospital room. They made remarkable progress in their recovery and they were mobilized with the help of our physiotherapist on the very next day after the operation. This early mobilization is a crucial step in the recovery journey, lowering the chances of complications and supporting both their physical and emotional health.

This heartfelt photo was captured approximately a year later, showcasing Chara and Rafaella, both radiating strength and resilience. Their smiles, filled with hope and triumph, beautifully symbolize the joyous reunion with the Cardiac Innovation surgeons team.

In a twist of fate, the sad passing of the little sister led to Chara and Rafaella getting the life-saving surgeries they needed.

Their story, now part of an important scientific publication by the Cardiac Innovation Center, brings hope. This publication not only honors the little sister who bravely faced congenital heart disease but also stands as a testament to the importance of timely and accurate diagnosis.

Access link to the scientific publication:

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