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❤️‍🩹Heart Journey

Meet Mr. Evaggelou, a remarkable patient who holds the honor of being the most senior individual under our care.

Mr. Evaggelou was admitted through our emergency department after a fall, initially diagnosed with a non-dislocated peri trochanteric femur fracture. During the planned cardiologic investigation, a large ascending aortic aneurysm was detected which was further evaluated in CT, revealing a subacute aortic dissection (Stanford Type A) with suspicion of non-perforating aortic rupture and a large pericardiac effusion.

Despite his advanced age (87 years), Mr. Evaggelou was extremely active and in perfect clinical condition prior to the incident. In light of his robust health history, the decision was made to proceed with urgent surgical therapy to address the aortic dissection.

Mr. Evaggelou was successfully operated two weeks ago after which he made an excellent recovery. Just a week later, the patient was successfully operated for his femur fracture and astounded us all by taking his first steps the very next day.

This is Mr. Evaggelou before discharge to a rehabilitation center for further recovery. We wish him all the best, and a speedy recovery to his favourite fields.

Many thanks to Dr. Shiamishis for his input and help to provide a complete therapy to the patient.

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