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❤️‍🩹Heart Journey

Meet Panagia, a charming four-year-old princess referred to us with a diagnosis of an atrial septal defect (ASD). An atrial septal defect is a common congenital heart condition characterized by a hole between the upper chambers of the heart. While small ASDs may not necessitate treatment or cause issues, larger ones can lead to symptoms and complications by allowing blood to flow into the wrong heart chambers.

After a thorough interdisciplinary assessment of Panagia's condition, and due to the large size of her defect, it was determined that the recommended treatment for this sweet princess was a surgical closure of the ASD.

Upon her admission, Panagia arrived with her mother, bringing along her favorite toys. She was friendly, cooperative, and impressively followed the instructions of the nurses and doctors. On the day of her surgery, her parents patiently awaited until the surgery was completed, after which they were directed to the intensive care unit to see their brave daughter, closely monitored by our team.

She gracefully navigated the highs and lows of her post-surgery journey, maintaining a positive attitude and finding joy in playing and laughing with her roommates. With each passing day, Panagia grew stronger, and in just four days she was ready to leave the hospital and return home.

Following her discharge, Panagia had a few follow-up visits to ensure her recovery was progressing as planned. She will now continue her monitoring under the care of her pediatric cardiologist.

Dear Panagia, you are the strongest and bravest little princess.

Dear parents, thank you for all your patience and understanding!

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