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❤️‍🩹 Heart Journey

Mr. Yashar was referred to us with the diagnosis of a known ascending aortic aneurysm after an increase of 1 cm was documented during his last diagnostic check. The ascending aortic aneurysm measured 55mm with a dilation of the aortic root up to 42mm. Despite the absence of cardiac symptoms reported by Mr. Yashar, the size of the ascending aortic aneurysm indicated the necessity for surgical therapy.

Mr. Yashar's recommended treatment involved a Biological Bentall procedure, widely recognized as the gold standard intervention for root replacement. In this surgical approach, a segment of the aorta and the aortic valve is replaced due to damage caused by an aneurysm. Specifically, when an aneurysm forms in the ascending aorta, it can lead to a widening of the aorta's base. This alteration in shape can disrupt the proper functioning of the aortic valve, a critical component in regulating blood flow. When the valve can't seal tightly, blood can backflow into the heart, causing increased pressure within the heart's chambers.

Mr. Yashar was mobilized on the second postoperative day with the help of our physiotherapists. Despite the complexity of the procedure, he made a steady recovery and was discharged just seven days later, a true testament to his resilience and determination.

Here's Mr. Yashar at his one-month post-surgery check-up, accompanied by his wonderful daughter. He's in great spirits, free of complaints, and eager to get back to his daily activities.

We're cheering for you, Mr. Yashar! Take good care of yourself!

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