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Heart Journey: ASD Closure

-Raghda, 10-month-old


This precious little angel was just 10 months old when she was referred to us with a congenital heart defect, meaning that the problem existed from birth. A secundum atrial septal defect (ASD II) with significant shunt and moderate dilation of the right heart was her precise diagnosis. This diagnosis indicated that Raghda had a hole in her heart, which increased the flow of blood through her lungs.


As there were signs of cardiac decompensation, the indicated therapy for little Raghda was an ASD patch closure with bovine pericardial patch, pulmonary valve commissurotomy and RVOT & pulmonary artery patch enlargement.


Raghda was closely monitored in the ICU unit for a few days following surgery before being transferred to the Intermediate Care Unit, where she remained until her discharge. She was always in close proximity to her mother, which was feeding her and making her feel comfortable. Raghda recovered well and she returned home just a week after the surgery with no further issues.

-Lots of love and hugs to this little angel and her very kind parents!

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