Congenital Heart Diseases in Children Treatment

 ASD Closure minimally invasive

VSD Closure whenever possible minimally invasive

Repair of partial and complete atrioventricular canal

Repair of Fallot Tetralogy

Repair of aortic isthmus stenosis (coarctation)

Repair of stenosis or other abnormalities of the aortic arch

Repair of aortic valve stenosis or regurgitation

Repair of pulmonary valve stenosis or regurgitation

Repair of mitral valve stenosis or regurgitation

Repair of anomalous pulmonary vein return

Closure of an open Ductus Botalli even in premature infants with very low weight

Implantation of pacemakers at all ages

Operations in coronary artery abnormalities

Repair of subvalvular stenosis of the right or left ventricle

Repair of supravalvular stenosis

Repair of vascular rings

Aortopexy in children with esophageal compression

Palliative surgery before the repair of heart defects Banding, Shunt

Single ventricle palliation (Shunt, Banding, Glenn, Fontan)

Complex reoperations